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Weight Management - Lipostick Fit Supplement

Weight Management - Lipostick Fit - 

Liposomal supplements don't use capsules or tablets or powders to deliver nutrients. Instead, the vitamins are encapsulated in pockets of fat cells called liposomes.“Liposomes are spheres made up of phospholipids which are the primary building blocks of cell membranes. Liposomes are delivery vehicles for transporting substances into the body effectively via facilitating absorption orally.

This higher absorption, means greater efficacy and with smaller doses needed to achieve better results. By using liposomal nanotechnology, dietary supplements can achieve up to 5-10 times more bioavailability than standard oral supplements

Liposomal supplements benefits:

  • High bioavailability and absorption
  • Protecting nutrients against the harsh environment of the GI tract
  • Increasing oral uptake in the mouth via the mucosa
  • Increased uptake into cells

Liposomes can be formulated to hold both water-soluble and fat.The liquid format of liposomes may be more compatible for those who have trouble swallowing large tablets

Lipostick Fit - an innovative product for safe weight loss. Created from natural ingredients using liposomal technology, due to which it has high efficiency and bioavailability. Suitable for those who want to adjust their shape without exhausting workouts and strict diets.

  • Promotes active "burning" of fat cells;
  • Prevents the formation of fatty deposits;
  • Helps control appetite, preventing overeating;
  • Compensates for the deficiency of nutrients necessary for normal metabolism; improves the quality of sleep.

Weight Management

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